Wye Photography was taken from the name Wendy and Yuyu, the husband and wife of the company. Wendy is the photographer while Yuyu is the manager to both the company and make-up department. We opened in the year 2006 but at the time covered only the services of make-up and photographing. Over the years, we have been not only providing services for Wye Wedding Photography but also as a one-stop wedding service in the Tarakan and North Borneo. This added service allows provisions such as Photography, Videography, Make-up, Event Organizing, Wedding Gowns, Special Effects (firework, Confetti, bubble machine), Wedding Dancers and Pagar Ayu. These responsibilities are handled by our professionals who are distinguished in these areas. The priority of our clients is always placed first in achieving our goal. In the present day, we deal with events and pre-wedding photo shooting outside of Tarakan in areas such as Jakarta, Bali, Malaysia (Sabah), Samarinda and etc. In Wendy’s perspective, that special one-time moment in every photo shoot can’t be repeated or captured twice thus this acts as a drive for them to work in increased passion and to better communicate with clients in order to capture meaningful and beautiful photographs and videos. The photos and videos we produce hope to reflect the happiness of both the bride and groom in a peaceful and natural atmosphere. We are constantly motivated and in search of new inspirations that will further enhance your event in aspects of creativity and perfection.