Wye Photography was taken from the name Wendy and Yuyu, the husband and wife of the company. Wendy is the photographer while Yuyu is the manager to both the company and make-up department. We opened in the year 2006 but at the time covered only the services of make-up and photographing. Over the years, we have been not only providing services for

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  • wye photography recommended bgt deh..pkoknya g rugi n g nyesal pilih Wye :).. buat kita yg mau difoto juga nyaman bgt.makeupnya juga cantik..hasilnya memuaskan deh..sukses buat wye.. God always bless both of U :)


  • Very helpful, inicderbly responsive, friendly, and competent in restoring my WordPress website. You were just what I needed. I am pleased to have made your acquaintance and look forward to working with you again.


  • Enaknya kerjasama di Wye, semua bisa diatur...friendly, reliable, honest and get maximum service. Suami istri W dan Y klop dah... satu tukang makan..eh foto..satu make up. All in One Package lengkap deh di Wye... God bless ur Job!

    Adi Chanz

  • Wye is the best.. gak rugi deh pilih Wye.. Pelayananya memuas kan, hasil ny jg sangat memuaskan.. Go Wye!

    Brian Chen